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SEO Audit and
Why You Should Have One

Is your website working for you? Google is placing more emphasis on technical details, so understanding how your site appears to the search engines is vital for SEO. Local Traffic Builder will analyze and view your site through the search engine’s eyes. We will look for problems that hinder your ranking and identify opportunities to improve your ranking.

The goal is to earn and retain qualified traffic through SEO and usability. In other words, what needs to be done to get your site found by your target customers, and then what needs to be done to compel that customer to take action. While a website should be optimized for maximum exposure in the search engines, equally important is your marketing message and the image you project. Sometimes, rather than recommend a complete overhaul of your current site, we will propose special pages or blogs that act as magnets for the keyword search terms people within your geographic reach use to find your type of product or service. Because our service is specific to the bridal and event industry, and because we do not need to reinvent the wheel with each client to research keyword terms and customer behavior, we are able to offer these services for considerably less than would a generalist.

Conducting a site review takes time, and the seven questions that follow can help you cover all the bases:

  1. Look at structure. Is your Information Architecture structured in such a way as to put relevant informational pages within the same category/bucket? This is most commonly called theme-based structure. Do you have enough pages of relevant copy within the site? A 20 page Web site in a competitive vertical is going to be difficult to be successful with, so you should consider adding a blog or otherwise develop good content within the site.
  2. Look at URL propagation. Are your URLs optimized? www.domain.com/page-name is the best way to structure your pages. If we recommend rewriting your URLs, we will also recommend putting into place the proper redirects (301 redirects).
  3. Look at design and functionality. Is your site user-friendly? While this isn't strictly SEO-related, it is absolutely necessary for customer conversion, brand reputation, and customer retention. Are your callouts located above the fold? Are they easily discernible? Is your contact form or shopping cart easy to use?
  4. Look at the code. Is your code clean code and without errors?
  5. Look at your Meta tags. Do each page's Meta tags accurately reflect the content of the page? Are the keywords employed popularly searched for what you offer? Remember, the Meta keywords tag is not the all-powerful "optimization" platform that it might have been in the year 2000. Title tag, then Description, and then Meta keywords is the proper way to think of these, in terms of valuation and importance.
  6. Look at your content. Do your H1 and other headers reflect each page's keywords? Do you even have H1 headers? You should. Headers, Content, and Meta tags should all adhere to a keyword theme on each page.
  7. Look at interior linking. Are you using keyword-rich anchor text to link to pages devoted to the keywords used in your links? Are your most important pages receiving link love from the rest of the site?

Our comprehensive SEO website audit includes:

  • Determining if your site is indexed by major search engines
  • Checking for unfriendly SEO elements like Flash, frames, and tables
  • Identifying broken links or HTTP errors
  • Analyzing domain expiration date
  • Analyzing subpage URL structure
  • Checking for duplicate page content
  • Identifying missing or poorly optimized title tags
  • Identifying missing or poorly optimized meta descriptions
  • Identifying missing or poorly optimized Alt Image tags
  • Analyzing the SEO and user-friendliness of on-page text
  • Determining current search engine rankings for relevant keywords
  • Analyzing site standing among top SEO competitor
  • Analyzing site domain authority and back link profile

For a limited time only, we will generate this report for only $399.

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